Screenshots & video
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Series in multiview modality.
Multiframe image in multiview modality.

File manager view.
Database view.
Graph tools view.
MPEG Video creation view.
Image adjustment functions view.
Graphic filters view.
Calibrated Ultrasound measurement.
Angle measurement.
CT - Monochrome - 16 bit - 512x512
and File manager open in edit mode.
US - RGB - 640x480 - G.E. Med. Syst.
and Help view.
MR - Monochrome - 16 bit - 400x400
and Slideshow between files.
DICOM attributes in HTML format.
MR - Monochrome - 16 bit - 256x256
Zoom in of 358% and DICOM Info view.
Multiframes US
RLE lossless - Palette Color - 630x400
and Slideshow between frames.
16-bit JPEG2000 lossy gray
PX modality (Panoramic X-Ray)
with brightness and contrast slider
US - RGB - 8 bit 3 samples per pixel - 537x716
US - RGB - 8 bit 3 samples per pixel - 537x716